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Squeegees for wrap installation

Squeegees for wrap installation


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Material: CPU
Usage: Application of  car wrapping, household cleaning, window, kitchen, table, bathroom, mirror, etc

Function:  It can effectively improve the efficiency of wrapping, and make the film surface tackier and smoother

The Vinyl Frog squeegee is the most important item to include in your arsenal of wrapping tools. Without an ideal squeegee, it is impossible to apply the film to your vehicle without any damage. This multitasker is perfect for all vinyl applications, window tinting, decals, wallpaper pasting, glass cleaning, snow removal from vehicles and sticker application. The 10 cm x 8 cm vinyl applicator with medium tension helps you manoeuvre and apply vinyl or graphics smoothly with ease without any imperfections or bubbles to mar the finished appearance. For best results, hold the squeegee at a 30-degree angle and move it in a straight line across the vinyl using firm, overlapping strokes. Always squeegee with an open face allowing the edge to smoothly glide over the vinyl.

Flexible, durable and resistant to abrasion, the Vinyl Frog squeegee helps apply the film to shallow recessed areas and other tricky parts without leaving any scratches on the film.

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