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Squeegees for Paint Protection Film PPF

Squeegees for Paint Protection Film PPF


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Material: PP
Usage: Application of  car wrapping, household cleaning, window, kitchen, table, bathroom, mirror, etc

Function:  It can effectively improve the efficiency of wrapping, and make the film surface tackier and smoother

The Vinyl Frog Squeegee is excellent for the paint protection film and tint installation. Made with Polypropylene, the plastic squeegee is a durable, long-lasting tool that has the perfect shape and thickness for the smooth application of a PPF. Its dimensions are 10cm x 7cm which helps it follow every curvature and easily glide over the surface to ensure effective installation without leaving any marks or scratches. For maximum result, the squeegee should be kept vertical so that ample pressure is applied on the surface as it glides during the application of the PPF. The right angle is the most important factor. When you hold the squeegee vertical, you do not have to apply extra pressure. Whether you are using the overlapping stroke method, pull or push method for laying down the film or edge sealing, the Vinyl Frog squeegee serves as an ideal tool for successful installation. It can also be used for other tasks such as household cleaning and window tint installation.    

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