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Satin Chrome Rose Red Vinyl Wrap

Satin Chrome Rose Red Vinyl Wrap


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  • High Grade Polymeric Calendared Vinyl Film
  • Fashionable, Stunning Color
  • With Air Release Channel
  • Bubble-free Application
  • Slideable; Repositionable

Medium Stretchable

The Maximum is 30 %

Easy To Wrap


▲ Standard Size & Appearance

Classification Unit Spec Remark
Thickness Surface materials um 130±2% High-grade PVC-Polymeric
Glue um 30±2% High-quality Solvent-based
Release liner um



Surface Opaque
Width mm 1520±0. 01%
Length mm 1800+1%


Physical properties 

▲ General Properties

Features Test Method Results
Release force
25℃ and 50% 0.12
Initial tack
under 26℃ and 64%, GB31125-2014 953
Peel Strength
25℃and 42%, GB/T2792-1998 7.13
Holding power(h) 25℃ and 50%, GB/T4851-1998 72.09
Shelf life stored in +10°C to +20°C, relative humidity 50%, in original package, away from direct sunlight, clean and dry place 2 years
Application temperature / +20℃ to +30℃
Aging Test 1 7 days under 65°C No adhesive residue with heat
Aging Test 2 10 days under 65°C No adhesive residue without heat
Shrinkage / less than 4%


In the world of automotive customization, there are few finishes that can beat a satin chrome vinyl wrap. If you want to add some chrome accents to your vehicle, Satin Chrome Rose Red Wrap is an excellent choice. Our Satin Chrome Rose Red Vinyl Wrap is a great way to spruce up the look of your vehicle. 

The Satin Chrome Rose Red Vinyl Wrap is designed for application on an outside surface, or you can apply it to any smooth surface (vehicle) for indoor use. This vinyl conforms to all environmental standards and contains no harmful substances such as lead or silicone.

It has a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing that makes it easy to install without any additional adhesives or tools. This product uses a dye sublimation process that is not only more durable but also provides a superior level of detail and color saturation. It is waterproof, maintenance-free, UV protected, and removable when needed with little to no residue upon removal. Satin Chrome vinyl comes in a wide array of colors, so you can find one that matches your vehicle perfectly.

Features Satin Chrome Rose Red Vinyl Wrap

  • Easy to Apply – Just Peel & Stick
  • Can be cut with scissors or a razor blade
  • Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Backing
  • High-Quality Material
  • Durable and scratch-resistant vinyl
  • Glossy finish with a metallic look
  • Removable without leaving residue behind

Our Satin Chrome Rose Red Vinyl Wrap is available in 6 different sizes so, you can choose according to your vehicle size.

Recommended application tools: Squeegee, buffer, knife, masking tape, heat gun, magnets, gloves, IRR thermometer, IRR heater
Application method: Standard methods for calendered films. No overstretching and overheating and Post heating is necessary.
Post-heating temperature: 110°C flat surfaces, 130°C curves, and overlaps
Aftercare: PH neutral, Avoid wax or solvents

The images, colors, and finishes on the screen are approximate. For the real representation of the product always check the color swatch.

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