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Glossy White Printable Film Vinyl Wrap

Glossy White Printable Film Vinyl Wrap


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The Glossy White Printable Film vinyl wrap is a shiny, bright and smooth glossy white vinyl that is an excellent choice for use as an overlay on your car, boat or any other project of your vehicles where you want to add a little pop. It's easy to apply and conforms well to curved and flat surfaces of your vehicles. Its protective coating prevents scratching by helping to maintain a durable glossiness in the future.

Our glossy white vinyl is one of our most popular printable surfaces, and is available in all of our standard size rolls. This durable material is tear resistant and has great adhesion, so it will easily stick to smooth and slightly textured surfaces. It's also completely waterproof, making it ideal for outdoor signs or graphics!  You've probably seen a lot of white vinyl wraps but this is Glassy White, an extremely high gloss and beautiful finish. Glossy White Printable Film vinyl wrap is ideal for wrapping cars, trucks, vans and more. The glossy finish is created by adding a UV coating over the printed graphics on the film. The shiny finish also makes it easy to clean dirt off of your vehicle's wrap without damaging it at all!

Features Glossy White Printable Film Vinyl Wrap

  • Glossy white finish
  • Durable, flexible, and tear resistant
  • Printed with a UV resistant ink that will not fade or scratch off
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use
  • Easy to print and apply

It has a different finish that allows you to see the printed design more clearly. Our films are also removable without any residue left behind on your vehicle.

High-grade polymeric vinyl film for printing (Solvent & Latex)

Color: white
Finish: gloss or matte + laminate
Thickness of film: 0.005±0.01mm / Basic weight: 100±10g/m2
The thickness of release liner: 0.16±0.01mm / Basic weight: 140±10 g/m2
Glue: white removable acrylic adhesive
Solvent polyacrylate (0.034~0.036mm); Dry coating weight - 85±5 g/㎡; 180° Peel - ≥0.8 kg/25mm; holding strength - 8 hr/kg*20mm2; release force: 5~15 g/25mm
Temperature range: -5~80℃
Release liner: 140g single PE coated release liner with air drains
Package: Roll width 152cm, length 20 m, weight 13kg

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