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Glossy Metallic Midnight Purple Vinyl Wrap

Glossy Metallic Midnight Purple Vinyl Wrap


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The Midnight Purple Metallic Car Wraps are designed to provide a high level of protection from the elements. They are water-resistant, UV protected, and feature an invisible air-release channel that can easily remove any bubbles during installation.

The Midnight Purple car wraps are made with a super-strong self-adhesive that eliminates bubbles and provides a smooth, seamless finish. The design is easy to apply, peel and stick.

Glossy Metallic Midnight Purple vinyl for car graphics and wraps can be used for both corporate and personal use. Use it to create an eye-catching mobile marketing car ad or give your prized possession a new and one-of-a-kind exterior makeover. This high-quality auto material will give a mirror-like finish to the exterior of your vehicle.

This full-color glossy auto wrap lets you take your passion for beautifully designed vehicles to receive a second glance from casual motorists to serious car enthusiasts. Best of all, you can let your imagination run wild, choose to decorate your exterior fully and completely, or simply accent certain portions like the hood or bumper. Either way, your vinyl makeover will catch everyone’s attention.

This Glossy Metallic Midnight Purple vinyl is lightweight, easy to apply, and can be removed without damage to the surface underneath it. The roll includes instructions for application and details on the quality of the material. Use this vinyl in nearly any vehicle model, from classic cars and trucks to new models.

This glossy vinyl is easy to stretch with heat and cleans up easily. This vinyl is useful in assisting the smoothest application on bumpers, grille, moldings, side mirrors, and door handles.

Do your car a favor, and spruce it up with this wonderful Glossy Metallic Midnight Purple vinyl.

  • High gloss and smooth finish.
  • Easy to stretch with heat.
  • Easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Suitable for different types of glass.
  • Invisible air-release channel.
  • Easy to install and peel off.
  • High elasticity.
  • Good in a hot environment.  

Make every head turn and draw attention to your car with our Glossy Metallic Midnight Purple Vinyl wrap. It’s an easy way to add some style and personality to your car or truck without spending a lot of money. Midnight purple vinyl is also durable enough to withstand any condition and it doesn’t fade over time as paint does. The vinyl can be removed at any time without affecting the paint underneath. This means you can change your vehicle’s look as often as you like! The shine of this vinyl wrap really stands out in the sunlight and transforms your car into something truly special.

The vinyl is also weather-resistant meaning it will not fade in sunlight or deteriorate from the elements during the winter months. The color works well on any type of vehicle, from cars to trucks and even motorcycles. If you have a sports car or luxury vehicle, then this might be the perfect color for you. This vinyl wrap is available in different sizes, which makes it easy to install on even the largest vehicles.

Features Glossy Metallic Midnight Purple Vinyl Wrap

  • This is a high-quality, durable vinyl wrap. The vinyl has a glossy metallic finish
  • It can be used on car wraps, motorcycles, boats, bikes, and more!
  • Easy to install
  • UV resistant - Will last for years without fading or peeling off. 
  • Perfect for outdoor use.
  • It can remove with no sticky residue left behind.

The Glossy Metallic Midnight Purple Vinyl wrap is a waterproof vinyl wrap that is designed to protect the exterior of your vehicle from fade, oxidation, and fading due to natural weathering.

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